Simple rock bases (bark)


This section shows how to make rocky bases quite simply with bark.


  • Date: February 9, 2019 (Version 00.01)
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Material: bark (pine bark), earth/sand, superglue
  • Tool: hot glue gun

First you look for suitable pieces of bark (1). These must then be glued onto the base and then covered with floor material.


First glue the bark with the hot glue gun onto the base (2). Hot-melt glue has the advantage that the bark does not have to lie flat on the base, as the hot-melt glue itself has volume.

In this way, the position can still be adjusted slightly (3), e.g. the bark can be applied at an angle. Hot glue traces can be covered afterwards with the floor material, so it is not bad if you can see the spot. Now the floor material, in this case soil, is applied.

You put a generous amount of „cheap“ superglue around the bark on the base (4) and then sprinkle the soil over it (5). Of course, other soil materials such as sand or fine stones can also be used. When the glue has dried, you should remove the excess soil from the base, I use a solid brush (6). If superglue and earth stick to the sides of the base, you can scrape them away with a cutter or scalpel .

How the result can look like can be seen in (7) . At the end you paint and green the base. For the painting I sprayed the base with an airbrush and used techniques like dry brushing and washing, then glued some tufts of grass on it. At this point I don’t go into the painting in more detail. Painted examples of the rock bases can be seen in (8). Now the figures can be placed on the base (9).


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