3D printing

3D printed models offer some advantages, such as very fine details. In other casting processes, these are often lost or casting crates or casting lines are formed. In my store I put high emphasis on a clean print quality with high detail.

The material resin is not brittle but hard enough to show details well. The printed objects are made of different types of resin. Depending on the intended use, the resin is more flexible or harder. The mixture is constantly being improved.
The printed objects are held in place during the printing process by support structures, so-called supports. In the models offered, care was taken to use as few supports as possible. The supports are very fine and easy to remove. In addition, they are placed as far as possible in invisible places, e.g. the underside. Some models can even be printed without supports. Little post-processing is necessary. The supports can be removed very easily with pliers.